APTC offers and Installs Switch boards for many commercial and industrial applications.

Someome of their main features are detailed below:

  • Front accessible load connections
  • Front and rear alignment standard
  • Switchboard fed by cable
  • Switchboard ratings through 4000 A, 200kA
  • Thermal-magnetic, electronic and Micrologic® fixed mounted circuit breaker mains and feeders
  • Stored energy fix-mounted mains
  • Fix-mounted fusible switch mains and feeders
  • Group mounted circuit breaker and fusible switch mains and feeders
  • Main devices in six subdivision or single main configurations
  • Main and branch devices in single section configurations
  • Main lugs in separate section in line-up or behind devices
  • Thermal magnetic circuit breakers with standard, high, extra-high or current limiting capability
  • Exclusive Micrologic trip circuit breakers, 80% or 100% rated
  • Selected utilities and PowerLogic® customer metering
  • Selected options on circuit breakers and fusible switches

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