High-Tech Buildings need uninterrupted power

The advance of high tech equipment in the office demands a serious look at the need for uninterrupted power supply (UPS), an electrical system that enhances and regulates utility power and makes it more compatible with computers and sensitive electronic hardware. Unlike conventional lighting and simple appliances, processors based technology that drive computers and LANs (local area networks) require clean and continuous power.

In response, building owners and managers are placing an increasing emphasis on power planning to achieve high-quality power and stand-by capability in the event of a utility power loss. Most of us assume that power from the street is clean and perfect, but in terms of critical power - i.e., power used to drive computers - utility power carries a number of potential problems.

What do we mean by clean power? High-quality clean power is power that is free from outages, sags and surges, and voltage impulse activity. Impulse activity is created by utility switching and everyday off and on switching of equipment. When sags, surges and impulse activities constantly occur, they become detrimental.

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